Sunday, May 4, 2008

Zundapp Janus

The 1958 Zundapp Janus is known to be the best microcar ever built. I like it because of it's color and because of it's doors.

Honda Caren

The 1990 Honda Caren is a modern microcar, it has a sound system, rims and stickers etc... It is a very cool micro car.


The Grataloup Is Probably the rarest car on the planet. There was one produced and there is one surviving. This microcar has a 247 cc engine which makes it much faster than the Mopetta. By the way most of the pictures on this blog are from the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum site.

Brutsch Mopetta

The Brutsch Mopetta is a great microcar. It is one of my favorite microcars because of it's extremely small body. There were only 14 of these cars produced which makes them really rare. I got this picture on the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum site.